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Doc Tock® Time prominently displays the internationally recognized medical symbol on the face of the watch in its signature red color. This symbol, the caduceus, represents a medical issue that is necessary for a medical professional to know when treating you in an emergency situation. A medical professional will take note of the caduceus and ask questions to determine the best treatment for on site emergencies. The back of every Doc Tock® Timepiece has enough room for engraving your medical condition/allergies.

Doc Tock® Sterling is fine jewelry, .925 silver, that does everything Doc Tock® Steel was created to do in precious metal. Our Doc Tock® Sterling collection consists of sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, pendants and charms. Every piece of Doc Tock® Sterling prominently displays the caduceus so it is recognized as medical "message" jewelry. The same qualities of Doc Tock® Steel are prominent in this collection. In most styles, you have the ability to engrave on both the front and back of your jewelry item. Doc TockĀ® Sterling gets even better with age as the pure silver content matures and picks up your scent and wears along with your lifestyle.

Stainless Steel:
Doc Tock® Steel is created from 316L quality performance steel that is hypoallergenic message jewelry. It can be worn on your wrist in the form of a bracelet, your neck in the form of a necklace or dog tag, or carried with you as a personal item in the form of a zipper pull or key ring. All of our Doc Tock® Steel has a large imprint of the medical symbol prominently displayed for the medical attendant to be aware or a specific illness, medication or allergy. Doc Tock® Steel has the largest amount of space dedicated to explaining your individual medical issues. On many styles you can engrave both on the front and back of the item to tell your story as to why you must be recognized during an emergency medical treatment.

Doc Tock® Kids collection has something for everyone. Children come in all shapes and sizes. Some can talk (endlessly) and many can read by the time they are in first grade. One unique item is a simple charm with a lobster clasp that can be attached to a zipper, sneaker or backpack. All of the bracelets are a whole inch shorter to meet their smaller needs. The Doc TockĀ® Kids watches come in four designs that are so cool you wouldn't even notice they are medical time pieces unless you were a trained professional. There is a Doc Tock® Kids item for you starting as early daycare to reinforce your child's medical needs in an emergency medical situation.